Lead #3 – Hemingway’s “Soldier’s Home”

Working notes – Lead 3 – Hemingway’s “Soldier’s Home”

Students will focus on narrative description, tone, point of view, and reliability and examine how these characteristics affect the reader’s reception of the story.

Students must read the story and two critical readings (Boydbefore class and post a brief (150-300 words) entry on the narrative style seen in any single paragraph on pp. 112 – 113 (pages 2-3 of the story) using a close reading (interpretation of the words on the page without external influences) and focus on the effects the words have on the above narrative qualities.

NOTE: Each paragraph can ONLY be used ONCE. So CHECK what’s been written on before you post (TITLE your posts with “Page/Paragraph”) First come, first served.

HINT: POST your TITLE as soon as you decide; edit/write the post within 24 hours.

In class: Ask for volunteers to provide synopsis and to fill in additional information.

Do they have any questions about the story? Let class answer if they can.

Break class into small groups 3-4 students. They will use examples from the text to:

Describe the settings and how Krebs feels about them;

Oklahoma “small town”

The Krebs home

Other locations provided (even if recollections or flashbacks)

Describe Krebs actions during the war and how he feels about them;

His home and being back

Finding a job and moving forward
His family members (mom, dad, sister)
Friends and romance

Imagine what Krebs future will be like.

Are there any areas that are unclear or hard to understand? Ambiguous?

How would you “fix” them/make them more clear?

Why do you suppose Hemingway left them as-is?

Last five minutes of class: write entry in weekly journal.

Possible topics: Any surprises while reading? Agreement/dis- with critics read? With your classmates? How will what you learned from this unit affect your writing?


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